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SchoolPRO entered the Australian school administration software market in 2001 with the simple goal of helping schools reduce their administrative burden. Like many innovators, SchoolPRO was founded on the belief that there ‘must be a better way’ – created by a Business Manager who was unable to find a school administration software solution capable of allowing data integration with commercial accounting software.

SchoolPRO’s unique ‘per-student’ pricing structure proved a market revelation, providing schools of any size with access to ground-breaking features that may traditionally be beyond their budget capacity.

Finally, a gold-standard school administration product was available to any school that wished to use it. SchoolPRO now supports educational organisations  throughout Australia, Asia and beyond.

SchoolPRO is an Education Horizons solution

Founded in 2016, Education Horizons brings together the most innovative people and products in modern education technology, resulting in smart, sophisticated software solutions that support all members of a school’s community.

Together, our world-class school solutions – Synergetic, SEQTA, Engage, OMNILINK, myEdOnline and SchoolPRO – provide industry-best school management, teaching and learning, administration, data management and geo-mapping functionality, enabling users to operate at peak efficiency and successfully achieve their strategic goals.

Education Horizons supports over 2,200 schools in more than 60 countries.

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