Schools who use the SchoolPRO management system can now automate their enrolment process with the new Digistorm ENROL and SchoolPRO integration. Increase efficiency through seamless integration of data from your SchoolPRO administration software and your online enrolment system.

How can SchoolPRO schools benefit from ENROL?

SchoolPRO schools now have the ability to export enrolment data directly from their ENROL system into SchoolPRO in a single, seamless step. The in-depth integration offers an effective online enrolment system to parents and a simple, efficient process for importing enrolment information for schools.

“The enrolment process is a critical introduction vehicle for both parent & school. Digistorm ENROL is world class and takes this process to a new level. SchoolPRO is delighted with the seamless integration that is now available between both systems.”

Gary Stoneham, General Manager, SchoolPRO

So why is online enrolment better?

Online enrolment systems like ENROL take the manual administration out of the enrolment process for everyone involved. ENROL offers a user-friendly and mobile-responsive online form that collects all of the data that your school needs. Prospective families can even add scanned documents using a simple file upload option. Information from this form is then fed directly and instantly into an online system, removing the need for printing, scanning and inputting form data.

How can SchoolPRO schools get started with ENROL?

SchoolPRO schools who are interested in offering their community a simpler way to enrol students can integrate their systems by contacting the Digistorm support team today!