If So, SchoolPRO SMS is Your Answer

SMS messages have an average open rate of 94%, 90% of which occur in the first three minutes. It’s true! Also, unlike online services such as email, apps or social media, SMS doesn’t require internet connectivity or a smartphone to work. Every single commercial mobile developed since 1995 is naturally SMS-capable.

This makes SchoolPRO SMS – which is accessible directly through the SchoolPRO platform – an incredibly powerful way of communicating urgent, important or extraordinary school news to parents and students.

94% Open Rate

Connect with Parents Via SMS

  • Parent teacher interviews reminders

  • Exam dates

  • Camps & excursions

  • School reports published on SchoolPRO Parent Portal

  • School working bees

  • Fundraising activities

  • School concerts

  • Emergency school lockdowns

  • Camp bus running late

With a variety of template options, personalisation functionality and a competitive tiered pricing structure available, SchoolPRO SMS is the school communication channel you can’t afford to ignore. Find out more about how your school can benefit:

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