Fees are the lifeblood of every school but collecting them from families can easily become one of the biggest headaches. Most school administrators are all too familiar with the endless cycle of invoicing, recording, reconciling, and then chasing up late payments. These tasks can take up endless hours of staff time, not to mention the negative impact on cash flow.

That’s why so many schools have integrated Ezidebit into their SchoolPRO software. With Ezidebit you can easily process payments via scheduled, recurring Direct Debits from Bank accounts, Credit and Debit cards. This means no more having to ask families to pay a whole years’ worth of fees at once, or the hassle of having to invoice, reconcile and chase payments every term. You simply establish a payment schedule and the fees come in automatically.

Flexibility for your school and for student families

Ezidebit via SchoolPRO allows you to offer flexible payment options to your school’s families. They can choose to pay weekly, monthly or per term – whatever suits their circumstances. Payments can be processed from credit cards and bank accounts allowing diverse options for payment.

One-time credit card payments can also be triggered within the SchoolPRO software, making it easy for you to bill one-off expenses such as excursions or resources. 

Safe and secure

Security is always an important consideration where payments are involved. Ezidebit holds a Level 1 PCE DSS compliance (the highest level available) providing confidence that all data is secure. This also assists schools by removing the need to allocate resources to compliance tasks.

Save time, increase staff productivity

The main benefit for school finance staff who are using Ezidebit via SchoolPRO is the time that can be saved. Once payment arrangements have been established, they are able to function without constant attention. With the integration of software such as MYOB the time spent on reconciliations is minimised.

Many Ezidebit clients are also reporting they spend much less time chasing parent debt and missed payments. Automated payments can lead to schools experiencing a significant reduction in outstanding payments, providing a positive impact on cash flow.

How can we assist you?

To find out more about integrating Ezidebit into SchoolPRO and how it could benefit your school, please contact Gary Stoneham (SchoolPRO) on gary.stoneham@schoolpro.com.au or 0438 188 132.

Ezidebit are currently providing a promotional offer to SchoolPRO schools. When you make contact with Gary, please quote the code:


Hear from SchoolPRO clients currently using Ezidebit:

“For us a major benefit is the positive effect it’s had on our cash flow. Our bad debt has reduced dramatically and outstanding amounts now make up less than 2% of overall invoiced amounts.

I would absolutely recommend other schools use the Ezidebit service via SchoolPRO. On top of the benefits above, it’s also been a huge timesaver. There are no more manual entries into SchoolPRO, and our bookkeeper is able to easily reconcile payments because it’s connected to MYOB.”

Taja Steinbeck – Business Manager
Casuarina Steiner School

“Parents love the flexibility of being able to spread their payments across twelve months, and because we normally do our billing in October for the following year we’re always in advance. This really helps our cash flow – all we have to do is sit back and wait for the money to come in.”

Sheila Lunn – Finance Officer
West Coast Steiner School

“It makes sense for our parents to sign up, we have probably 80% + set up now. We mention Ezidebit in the enrollments with the forms and we encourage them to either pay up front, or sign up for Ezidebit payments.

It’s better than what we were doing before. Previously we had to create invoices and the billing procedure was difficult. Now we can do the billing a lot easier. Having the Direct Debits set up makes sure the money comes in regularly and I spend less time chasing payments.”

Amy Lew – Finance Manager
Fremantle Christian School

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