SchoolPRO Cloud Hosting


SchoolPRO users are continuing to take advantage of the easy-to-activate Cloud Hosting service Cloud hosting allows your school to benefit from the highest levels of security without having to invest heavily in infrastructure or compromise accessibility. Users can securely access their data from anywhere, without putting pressure on your network. For further [...]

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SchoolPRO Information Security


Information Security Presentation In order to help our customers keep their data safe, our in-house Privacy and Security Officer hosted a webinar on 30th October 2019. The webinar outlined common threats that can lead to security and data breaches in schools, and what you can do to prevent them. [...]

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SchoolPRO Billing Module


SchoolPRO Suite Training Document This document is designed for all Business Managers, Bursars and Debtor administrators within the school environment, who wish to understand how the SchoolPRO Billing Module operates and the benefits that it’s use presents in Debtor management. To view the SchoolPro Billing Module, download the document below. [...]

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SchoolPRO and Consent2Go


We are pleased to announce a strengthening in our partnership. Consent2Go is an end-to-end platform that equips schools to plan excursions, manage event risk and maintain medical records. For further information on SchoolPro Software and integrating with Consent2Go, download our information flyer below. Download [...]

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SchoolPRO Interface Overview


SchoolPRO User Experience Check out our video to gain more insight to how SchoolPro can benefit you and your school. Ready to chat? Find out how SchoolPRO can work for your school. Contact us

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SchoolPRO Features


Managing your school can be a whole lot simpler Some of our Features include: Medical and Pastoral Care Parent Portal Attendance & Roll Marking Flexible Reporting & Analytics Enquiries, Future Students and Beyond To view the full list of features and benefits of SchoolPro Software, download our information brochure [...]

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How to Assess and Manage your School’s Financial Sustainability


To be sustainable, a school must generate a surplus (cash inflow from operations) that is adequate to meet annual cash outflows for asset replacement and debt servicing. Consider the analogy of water (cash) flowing into the reservoir being sufficient to meet the water (cash) flowing out though the floodgates for asset reinvestment and debt [...]

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Privacy and Security Update


A must-read on data security prepared by Daryll Holland, Portfolio Manager – Privacy & Risk, Education Horizons Group. Data Breaches As you will probably already be aware, a data breach occurs when personal information held by an organisation is lost or subjected to unauthorised access or disclosure. Whilst there is a huge focus on [...]

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Three Drivers for School Financial Viability


Financial viability is often discussed with reference to ratios, benchmarks and margins involving revenue, profit and cashflow. However, the use of these numerical markers can be confusing for non-financial people. For a school to be financially viable, the organisation must have healthy profit margins and adequate cashflow that can be reinvested into the school’s [...]

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